Website including CMS for Böger Dental Technology



The independent family business has been firmly anchored in northern Germany for more than 95 years and is thus one of the oldest commercial dental companies in Germany. It is run in third generation according to Hanseatic values.


In several workshops with the customer we developed the requirements for the website and the related objectives of the relauch. This resulted in two clearly structured responsive websites, the content of which is specifically geared to different customer groups. All contents such as the booking system for continuing education courses, the digitization of the in-house magazine as well as a dentist search in the patient's viscinity are maintained by a CMS.



Our services

Concept, Layout, Programming, CMS



Responsive Website

Since the number of page accesses via smartphones and tablet PCs are increasing, the corresponding display is indispensable on a wide variety of devices.

The website in function…

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