Volksfürsorge Insurance career portal - interactive video



Volksfürsorge was an insurance company, which was founded in 1913 as a union-cooperative incorporated company. With around 3 million customers at last, it was one of the major sales companies in Germany.


EINS23 maintained Volksfürsorge on various projects. For the company's 100th anniversary celebration EINS23 designed the logo of the century show. For the career portal EINS23 designed an interactive recruiting video and was in charge of the complete workflow from the idea to the video web player.


Interactive Recruiting video, century show

Our Services

Concept, video, cut & editing, post-production, programming, web video player, logo design



When the financial company turned 100 years we were asked to sketch the logo for the huge anniversary show.

Film: In the desert

The sun burns and in the background one can hear the engines howl. We shot this fashion film on a luminous advertising cemetery close to LA.

Pixel precise tracking

For all sequences that should show the entered user name, we did an accurate tracking and evaluated the calculated coordinates in the flash app programmed by us and thus obtained a pixel accurate result for the video player. Via slider you can see the pre-post comparison.

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