one2see - our selfmade cms



Since there was no CMS on the market suitable for some of our customers, we developed our own. We wanted a flexible content management system that allows to manage all contents of the customers website easily.

Target group

one2see was suitable for all creative people and companies who wanted to showcase their portfolio on a visually appealing website. The focus of the content management system was on image- and video-heavy multimedia websites, whether on desktop, on iPad or other mobile devices.


At that time we decided, to build the CMS on the PHP Zend Framework technically with MySQL database. The backend we programmed in Flash, the Action Message Format (AMF) secured data exchange between Flash client and Remote Service. We additionally developed logo and brand identity, created and programmed the associated web page and produced multiple information and tutorial videos.


At that time Flash was for programming browser based applications - thanks to multimedia and interactive possibilities - basically "state of the art". It could represent raster images and video clips, animate and manipulate and represent especially cross-browser consistent and pixel accuracy.


Content management system

Our Services

Conception, layout, programming, CMS, logo, brand identity, videos



Color palette

Primary font

Secondary font



The password-protected one2see backend offers the user a variety of options: image and video uploading, dynamic setting of a video preview via framegrab, resorting media, «on the fly» creation of personalized PDF documents, create password protected look books for third-user and image manipulation on color, brightness, contrast and exposure filter.

Information video

We produced this information video for promotion purposes.
It illustrates the user-friendliness and the opulent functionality of the CMS one2see.

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