Print design and fair posters for Hamburg authority BASFI



«Hamburg Authority of Work, Social, Family and Integration» (BASFI) is since 1st May 2011, one of the ten technical authorities of the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.


The city of Hamburg entrusted us with the development of a poster campaign to indicate the new focus of the Authority's 'prevention of violence in the infancy' in public.

If we can support the preventive information policy of the authority through our work, we are particularly pleased.


Print design

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Conception, 3D, print design



Development 3D

Since the topic should be symbolized abstract but with relation to the neighborhood, we opted for the creation of a 3D key visuals. This shows the cartographic outline of the city of Hamburg, including the Elbverlauf and thematic tags standing in the background.

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