Emotional online tyrefinder application for Continental



The «Continental AG» is a market-listed company in the automotive industry headquartered in Hannover, Germany. The company currently employs approximately 180,000 employees in 49 countries.


After determining vehicle type and assigning all possible tire parameters (size, speed index, load capacity, etc.) an emotional interactive query process evaluates the user's driving behavior. The «Continental» web application subsequently combines all user choices and hence recommends the perfect tire for the customer.

We designed and programmed this application in the mission of the agency «DOKYO». It has been integrated on the home page of «Continental», will be adapted into other languages and launched in several countries.


Web application

Our services

Fine concept, layout, programming




Responsive app

The Continental Reifenfinder functions in both desktop and smartphone version absolute identical.

Screen capture · Reifenfinder operation

The independent Reifenfinder web application integrates itself completely into the Continental online framework.
The operation and the user guidance are simple and emotional.

Reifenfinder for trucks

Following the success of the Reifenfinder we developed a similar concept for the truck section. Since the Continental field service is completely converted to touch devices, the extensive consultation matrix can also be shown on these devices in the future - thanks to the new application.

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