Conception of the glass facade for the High School Buckhorn



In order to improve the summerly heat insulation of the large glass facade and at the same time to prevent bird strike, an idea of graphic design has been sought which considers both aspects.

During a workshop students, parents and teachers worked out the themes of the serigraphy glass.

We developed and designed the large raster graphics and we were able to guarantee the exact calculation of the percentage white portion of the desired shade.

The graphics were branded into the panes by the company «Schott».


Facade design

Our services

Design, technical design, prepress



Primary font

Development of the raster graphics

Creating the graphics was precision work, with regard to the final dimensions. Test projections on a white surface in actual size in the meantime ensured an optimal final result

Large and in full color…

Ralf Buscher
Ralf Buscher
Ralf Buscher
Ralf Buscher
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