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In more than one year of work, Jann de Boer and Alex Piatschek renovated the site at the Brandshof, which is now a listed building, and thus saved it from decay. Since then it has served as a popular meeting place for lovers of old cars. Today, the historic filling station building houses a GTÜ test station and a small bistro, the refreshment room. In the highly glazed room at the top of the gas station, lovingly prepared dishes are served in the style of the fifties, with kidney tables and old dishes.


he aim of the relaunch was to present a stringent 1950s impression also on mobile devices in an appealing way and to massively improve the Google ranking through responsive programming. Our implementation in HTML5, CSS and Javascript guarantees good usability for all common mobile and stationary devices. Text, photos and video are maintained via the intuitive CMS "contao".



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