Corporate design and layouts for the online supermarket freshfoods



Christian Altmeyer and Matthias Hensler founded the online supermarket for groceries, which initially started in Munich in 2013. The range consists of well-known brands as well as local products and contains a total of 7,000 items.


The basis of the communication concept form the great affinity for quality and freshness, the close working relationship with local growers and the priority of the service concept.

We support the customer since the first idea of the online supermarket. From brand identity through branding and communication (name, logo and corporate design) to the conception of the online shops, we developed the brand from scratch.

The offer is very popular in Munich, since the start of the online store the company triples its revenues annually.


Corporate design, online shop

Our Services

Corporate design, logo, conception and design online shop, draft advertising material



Color palette

Primary font

Secondary font


Responsive design

Smartphones, the holy grail of the 21st century. Whether surfing, chatting, searching for directions or shopping - the mobile terminal is always at hand. The freshfoods online shop in responsive design automatically adapts to the technical specifications for the receiving device. This gives the customer, regardless of the used device, the best shopping experience free of charge.

Corporate design and advertising material

All elements of the new communication concept were integrated in the different printed business matters. The branded delivery vehicles in particular are so common that they are now taken for granted all over Munich.

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