Responsive campaign website for Unilever Hellmann's



Hellmann's mayonnaise was founded in the early 20th century by Richard Hellman in New York and is now part of Unilever.


The Hellmann's Burger route passes through more than 140 restaurants in various European cities. In all these restaurants burgers with Hellmann's Mayonnaise are served. Additionally the "Hellmann's Burger Truck" has several stops in some cities.

All these different activities, including the best recipe videos can be found on the multilingual responsive website programmed by us.


multilingual responsive campaign side

Our Services

Fine concept, layout, font production, programming



Development of an individual font

At many points of the design a chalk writing on a chalkboard was provided, also the font included letters from other languages (e.g. Greek) so we had to develop this writing ourselves.

Optimized for all modern devices

The technical basis for the campaign website are the latest web standards HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. In particular, the CSS Media Queries guarantee a webdesign which automatically adapts to the environment available.


On the Hellmann's website you discover at which restaurant you can find the most delicious burgers as well as where the “Hellmann's Burgertruck” has its next stop.

For this we developed a locationservice on basis of Google Maps.

The website in function...

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