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2009, the Hamburg firm of Lars Heider and Michael Zeichardt was founded. With their experienced team of architects and engineers they are based win Hamburg on the edge of the well-known Schanzenviertel.

Their project «Elementary School Buckhorn» was awarded 2014 by the AIV (Architekten- und Ingenieurverein Hamburg e.V) with the award «Building of the Year».


Especially a customer like an architect's office who emphazises design we can please best with our expertise in minimalist design. It was our aspiration to depict the most important information compact and unfussy but also to present the projects to the visitors in full-screen.

All contents are to be maintained by the customer via a CMS.



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The pageviews from smartphones and tablet PCs always continue to increase, that's why even a classical architect's website does not manage to function without the appropriate presentation on the smaller screen sizes.

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